Logo development, business systems, and core printables like brochures, catalogs, and pamphlets are at the heart of any identity. Each of these projects went through the rigors associated with getting the best final product. In short, they all required many concepts, competitor landscape review, and a good deal of tweaking. Hopefully this short list offers enough variation to show a wide degree of design range.



Producing graphics in the digital age can make one artist look like many via the amount of styles and FX one can wield with artist applications like PhotoShop. Digital brushes, stock photography elements, and a little wizardry can morph ordinary photos into so much more. Then there are the illustrations, both complex and simple icons, that can be coupled with texture and lighting to come to life even more. The following graphics showcase the ability for one artist to enter into many situations and deliver. Each piece of commissioned art, information graphic and photo-realistic art took a specific skill set.



Web design and development are two very different languages yet they need to speak as one. A website must successfully translate information to the user while staying on point with the brand. Not all sites are there to dazzle but all sites are meant to lead a user on a journey to the desired end goal. Making a website pretty isn’t always achievable due to content and client needs, but it’s always the mission of the designer to keep the flow consistent.


Clicking on the following thumbnails will open up the live sites designed by Ryan Kaz.





Please inquire about rates by emailing me a full project summary.

Most work is seen as projects where an estimated rate is given to review. Larger projects have the better rates when components are bundled. A logo by itself costs more than it would if bundled with business systems and a web design.

Hourly rates apply for ongoing work like social media handling, website updates, blogging, and email newsletter blasts. Depending on the task rates vary from $50 to $100 an hour.


After a final quote is agreed upon an invoice is sent. An upfront payment (commencement fee) of 50% of the quote is required for projects over $2,000. Projects that require design iterations (logos, websites, etc.) are handled via an extranet while other projects are handled via email. The extranet is simply a devoted place on my server that can be secured for privacy where design options, design files, and staging websites are stored to review via phone calls. Although live meeting can be arranged in many circumstances there is little to no need for it other than the nicety of a face-to-face.

Once a website goes live or the final ready-to-use files are turned over the invoice must be paid in full within two weeks.


Ryan Kaz, the one man design army, is pretty much the designer ego serious side of one Ryan Kasmier. That’s me! I’ve had a long solo career as a freelancer since graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2002 with a BFA in Computer Arts - New Media. There have been explorations along the way with a year or more stint at a web design company, naming & branding firm, and even my own marketing agency in Colorado. None of them compare to the cozy serenity of working from my home in Northern California.

Art runs in the blood. My father was a commercial photographer for decades before his winemaking hobby flourished into Kaz Winery. My mother is not formally trained but possesses remarkable painting skills in various mediums. From commissioned murals to Hollywood film cover art, she’s produced a great deal of work.

It’s no surprise that my hobby is food pairing. My father’s wine making involved my tongue from an early age. My palette grew as did my cooking ability. I’m one of those people who can dissect most meals and recreate them. People always give me cookbooks and I’m always thumbing through them on my way to return them. I’ve taught myself how to build flavors and meld them with wines. Being a foodie also means I grow a good deal of the herbs and vegetables I cook with. I figure, you only live once, you might as well eat like it.
Much of my time is devoted to my wife, two kids, and our Boston Terriers. We have a sweet simple life full of good humor, bad humor, and no lack of warmth.

My clients may not always get to meet Mr. Kasmier but Kaz has them covered. I become my more serious and dedicated self when working. The good news is that I actually stay excited and upbeat at the same time because I love what I do... Hopefully you will too.